“I’ll always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk or have to crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.”

My name’s Chelsea Kim Dejame Mendoza, a 17 year old girl from Bacolod City. I am a Commerce Student from University of St. La Salle-Bacolod. I will be turning 18 on September 27, 2016(Just how fast the night changes♪ LOL). Others calling me “Kimmay”(It’s my childhood nickname and thanks to my auntie for giving me that embarrassing nickname), my closest friends, childhood friends and people from our community calling me that. Before, I hate it when they’re calling me that because it’s so “bugoy” but now I find it cute.

I am bipolar, I easily get annoyed and irritated, I am crazy when I am comfortable with someone, I am spoiled but not brat, I am spoiling myself big time. I am obsessed with clothes, One Direction and fictional boys. I love loyal people because it’s so rare to find nowadays. I love responsible people and know how to respect fellowmen. To make this short- I am good to the people who are good to me but if you’re fake then I better stay away from you. Easy.

I love eating cakes and fries. I don’t like eating vegetables also and I don’t drink hot chocolate nor coffee if it’s early in the morning; water will do. I love to read and watch romantic movies. I love going on a long ride, travel, photoshoots, eating and of course shopping. Shopping is my stress reliever.

I am a dancer and a badminton player. Since I was a kid, my mother supported me in all my activities. Even though I am a shy type one I still joined because I want to take chances and it’s the best way to kill my shyness. I don’t want to close a door of opportunities.


Dancing is really my passion because it’s like expressing my emotions and showing my God-given talent. I do dancesport and hip-hop, I am also a gymnastic when I was elementary. But now, since I am on my second year college level I want to focus more on my academics. I want to achieve my goal to be a successful business woman.

I am scared of dogs but I love tigers; there’s so many reasons why and there is a deep real meaning. And I’ll give you one of the reasons why I love tigers; I am Year of the Tiger(HAHAHA :P). I love color red because it gives fire. Tiger and a color red, for me, both are brave. A warrior.

Best description of myself?

Well, I am a short girl with big dreams in life.



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