It Is Okay To Be Single

My friends always asking me “When will you have a boyfriend again?”  Or “Hey! I got a single friend wants to meet you! You want to meet him too?”.

And there’s me asking myself “Do I need that?” 

Well, frankly speaking. I DON’T NEED A MAN TO MAKE MY LIFE SWEET! That’s a real talk. If a woman knows her worth, having a boyfriend is the last on her list. Why hurry on something that will lead you to nowhere? You have your self-goals, dreams and ambitions! Reach them first! Boys are always there, and you, don’t let yourself stay there. Move forward with your life and don’t let a man complete you because if you lose it your whole system will be affected.

Don’t chase a man just chase your dreams, because if the right time comes and you’re on your perfect position the man for you will walk towards you. Chasing a man and losing everything is a sht- Girl you’re not a soldier to fight for him you’re a beautiful Princess, just wait for your real Prince Charming! Always remember that.

If your friends are already in a relationship don’t be jelly because it will be your turn someday. Don’t let yourself commit because of the environment you see when you’re with them. Girl, know your worth! A real woman can do it by herself! And it is better to be single than to go on a wrong relationship again.

You can enjoy yourself by:

  • Focusing on your studies😉
  • Going out/Enjoying with friends👬👭
  • Letting yourself meet new friends👍
  • Sleep all you want💤 because you don’t need to wake up early and say good morning to him. HAHAHA😅😜
  • You can save your money! YAY! NO DATES/NO GIFTS🙆💸
  • You don’t need to have a load all day👌
  • Since you are single, there is no stress, dramas and crying moments. In short, you are blooming always!🌻💋
  • You can have many crushes as you want😏
  • Shop all you want because of your big savings😍
  • You can go anywhere and you can dress whatever you want because no one will get mad at you(Except for you parents of course!)😎
  • Many will get crush on you because you’re single- you go girl!👯
  • You can hangout with your boy friends because no one will get jealous💁

And there are so many more reasons! Thousands of reasons to be happy.

Know your limitations, learn how to stop chasing the wrong guy and importantly always know your worth.

They’re saying Right Guy At The Wrong Time is that even possible? Because for me, if it’s right it is always right. There is no right one in a wrong time because if he’s the right one it’s also the right time.

And always remember that IT IS OKAY TO BE SINGLE FOR A MOMENT because you have alot of life-goals to achieve first before entering or committing to a one guy again.

Don’t be frightened if you’re still single always remember that God is still writing the best love story of your life. A story that is worth telling, for keeps and genuine one.


“Even castles are so long to construct because those buildings will last forever, like your status, you’re maybe single already for a long time because the next one who will change that status into A RELATIONSHIP will lasts forever.”



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