Thank You

Hey! What’s up?

 I don’t know if you still remember me but hey I still remember you not because I still love you or still waiting for the another chance BUT because you are the reason why I am wiser and stronger now. I should thank you for that. So thank you big time!

Thank you for giving me a chance to meet a better guy, for letting me explore more and see more friends, for the pain you’ve caused me, for all the lessons you’ve taught me and for making me realized my worth.  And I just want to let you know that I survived everything without you. Now, I know that I am better off without you.

You gave me a chance to see myself. Now, I know that it’s not about you, it’s not you that I want to spend my whole life with, it’s not you who I want to build my dreams with, it’s not you who’s worth every pain, tears and fights. It’s not you who I can see my future with, it’s not you- just not you. But I don’t regret those promises I made before because I don’t regret the things  I’ve wanted. You taught me so many lessons in life and you know what’s the best lesson you’ve taught me? Don’t settle again to a guy like you.

I remember those times that we’re happy and yes I once was happy with you, so thank you  for that. For making my cheeks blushed and for making me feel what butterflies feel like but I also remember the times you made me cry and beg for you. How stupid of me beg for the undeserving guy like you? Oops, lesson learned.

I want to thank you for making me heartless, for giving me a trust issue, and for ruining my perspective in love*insert sarcasm here*. But on the brighter side, because of that I know how to wait for the right and the deserving one.

Now I am happy with my life without you, thinking of you makes me think “What the fish? I cried for him!?” or “I really deserve better. So happy that we ended it!” And I know you feel the same way too.

And I want you to know that you can’t catch another me, you can’t catch a girl who will do everything for you- for your happiness. You can’t catch a girl who will understand your little monster side. You can’t catch a girl who will hold on and still hold on even though you hurt her for how many fckn’ times and you can’t catch a girl who’s willing to give all up just for you. And for the best shot- you can never have me back again. Never again.

I heard you are happy with your life  too and you’re jumping into one girl to another, hey dude, I won the break up. Why? Because I found myself and never tried to hurt myself again with the unworthy person. I achieved my life-goals and will achieve more- and you still playing with love and never learning a lesson.

I lost you but I found myself. Isn’t it amazing?

You know that I am asking that someday we see each other again? Not because I want to see you or I miss you(Dream on) but because I want to show you the girl you wasted. The lifetime girl you wasted for your temporary happiness.

Like what I’ve said, this is a thank you note. I won’t trashtalk you here even though I hate you to the depths of hell- joking. So here it is, thank you so much! That’s a sincere one dude. You should appreciate that because you will never hear it again from me.

And I just want to thank you because of you, I wrote this one, I achieved my goals, I did something amazing and I am very happy for the achievements I have now. Thank you because you set me free and let me fly away from the old life. Now that I am flying high I just want you to know that I am still the same person you knew. But there’s a little variation. I am not as stupid like before, not weak like before, I am wiser now and most importantly I am not letting myself lost, beg and cry for unworthy reason/person. You taught me so much! Highly appreciated.


The girl who learned.




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