Fashion: 2


Wore this pink romper shorts on my pre-debut shoot.

It has a long sleeves and collar that can make it look formal. I can wear this wherever I want. It has a light color and that doesn’t suit my skin color but still it looks so good to wear.

2016-09-14 08.14.38 1.jpg

To be honest I don’t like wearing clothes with collar because it’s making my cheeks fat. And another TBH when I am going out to have a shoot I don’t use tops with collar ones especially polo shirt. When I do wearing it, I am not taking picture. But on this romper shorts, I don’t know if my cheeks look fat here but oh well you can’t say no to best clothes right?


I didn’t post this outfit on my  Instagram and Facebook because I still have alot of pictures to upload! Believe it or not I got 1k+ pending photos to upload! HOW CAN I UPLOAD ALL OF THEM? And it’s adding every free day when I am going out. Hehe I fun shoot every free day!

Still have alot of OOTDs to upload and clothes to wear but still can’t because I don’t wear civilian everyday and there is a dress code in the University. 😦

So just gonna update here moreeeee(SOON)!

You can check my Instagram and Facebook account for more because sometimes I don’t post my casual OOTD here. I am just choosing what to post here.

Instagram: @chelsay.mendoza

Facebook: Chelsea Kim Dejame Mendoza


Photo by: Lindale Bangay and Andy Abeto

HMUA: Rita Carmela Mariquit


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