Different Worlds

She is a human. He is a fictional one.

She is real and lives in the real world. He is fictional and lives in the fiction world.

She loves him. He doesn’t know her.

She wants him to exist. He doesn’t even know if he’s existing.

She’s spending too much time to read him. He’s not even real.

Who says it is easy to love a fictional guy? No one. Every songs that the author dedicated to the story that you will hear and the places stated in the story you’ve been to, hoping to go to and heard/saw will give you heart attack and euphoria. Sometimes those things that can be reminded with them will make you cry because you remember the story and the fictional character/s you fell in love with. It’s like you want to read the book again and again until you feel surfeit.

Your standards are so high because of fictional characters too. It’s like being crazy because you’re like loving a person who doesn’t exist but who cares? It’s your business, it’s your problem to deal with and your happiness. We, fictional lovers, should not listen to their opinions. They don’t know how kilig we get every time we read their lines. And how ironic is, we are expecting a real person to be like a fictional character, the attitude, the sweetness, effort, loyalty, and many more.

Someone asked me, “How did you love them? They don’t even exist!”  I don’t need to love them because of their existence. Try to imagine things and start falling for it.

“How long do a fictional guy take your heart?” Someone asked me laughing it’s like he’s asking a joke. I smiled at him and told him. “Sometimes, in their lines and one chapter. You know, they can dig deeper and can get my heart by their words.”

There are times that you are just sitting alone and thinking Can I enter to their world? Or Is someone has a little similarity with him exists? and sometimes you imagine things with that fictional guy.

Others may think that falling in love with fictional characters is very funny but no, falling for them is ten times harder than falling for the person who doesn’t love you back. Others think falling with fictional boys is insane, it’s not being insane, it’s just appreciating them and loving them even though they are not existing. Fictional characters can inspire real ones. I guarantee you that because they affect me big time.

When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. We fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. We fall in love with their souls. 

(And hey sorry boys I ONLY DATE FICTIONAL BOYS 😛 HAHAHA kidding)

And I am 100.1% addicted with my fictional boyfriends. Every time I love their lines I am taking it down on my notebook and keeping it. I write their names on my every notebooks and even in my handouts(Even I use the notes in my classes), and I buy stuffs that I can print their names there. And I am contented with reading and loving fictional boys than dating and committing again 😛 (Lol, I am not bitter)



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