Fashion: 4


Using my pink top and black skater skirt made me lil girly during my fun shoot.

I love using tops that showing my shoulders but sometimes I feel uncomfortable wearing it and I know others feel the same way too. Well, this is not that really off shoulder. I don’t know what’s this, maybe I call this semi off shoulder?(LOOOOL)

I have alot of girly bottoms especially skirts but I seldom use it. I prefer going out wearing shorts because I think I am comfortable with those.

2016-06-06 09.15.53 1.jpg

I want to move freely when I am going out. And admit it, girls sometimes don’t like wearing skirts because we want to sit comfortably, right? 😛

I am using my black skater skirt when my top is too girly. I love pairing this bottom to my off shoulder tops. I want to wear off shoulder all the time even though I said that it’s uncomfortable to use but I think wearing off shoulder or wearing top that can show your shoulders is really lovely. And yes, I am the type of girl who prefers off shoulder tops. I won’t say that I don’t like using crop tops or something BECAUSE I HAVE CROP TOPS TOO 😀 I am a short girl so crop top is not that crop top for me. Perks of being a short girl. 😀

When I am out to go shopping if I see an off shoulder top, I really want to buy it- or should I say I AM REALLY GETTING IT.

I have alot of OOTD saved in my phone that I paired with my skirt but I can’t post all of them but you can find it on my Instagram!


Life is not perfect but your outfit can be 😉

2016-06-07 12.03.06 1.jpg


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