Crowning Glory

2016-04-18 07.02.29 1.jpg

Our hair is our crowning glory, it is the crown we never take off. I know this is nonsense for you but I just want to share this. Like what I’ve posted on the ABOUT; I POST HERE SOMETHING SHAREABLE AND WHAT’S ON MY MIND.

January 2016 when I cut my hair short.


Others think I was brokenhearted or what because I cut it from this:

2016-04-18 07.02.25 1.jpg

To this:

2016-04-18 06.43.37 2.jpg


As far as I can remember I let my hair grew long for like almost a year or more than a year. I forgot lol sorry. I never cut it because I really like long hair and for me having long hair is really lovely but then NEW YEAR is NEW YEAR so I made my hair new. Others didn’t want me to cut my hair especially my friends(You know guys who you are hahaha) but then it’s my hair so yeah… I really tried something new.

And many people asking me if my hair is rebonded or what and my answer is NO, MY HAIR IS NATURAL. I put hair color but it is naturally straight. My parents won’t allow me to do that and I don’t want too.

Others asked me I regret cutting my hair and my answer is NO again. I don’t regret things once I’ve wanted and I think my short hair fits me well. But I told myself that I’ll just cut it short only once. So, I’ll let it grow again. Now this is the length of my hair and this is a recent picture not a throwback anymore.

Now I am also deciding to go back to black hair and I am just waiting for the black hair to grow long. And also, I am just using a shampoo, I am not using a conditioner or other essentials for the hair to look shiny or healthy. Just a shampoo and I don’t straighten my hair using hair straightener. 😉

 D I S C L A I M E R : I didn’t post this to boast my hair or what, I just shared about my hair. 🙂

And other reason why I cut my hair short is that I want to cut the dry hair in the end and the split ends before and now my hair doesn’t look dry anymore! Yey! Others told me that it wasn’t dry but I think it was really dry so I cut it. HAHAHA. (WAS IT REALLY DRY? LOL because I really think it really was. I admit it, dyeing my hair made it dry but still I don’t regret it tho)


Now, I will let my hair go long again like before. Yes, I am missing my long hair, I miss to curl it- and also when I curl my hair after 30 minutes it will get back  to straight again. :3 That’s why sometimes I really don’t like my natural straight hair especially when I want to curl it. Let’s admit it, having long hair has also disadvantages 😀 I think sometimes it’s heavy, hard to comb it and sometimes it looks very messy especially when it’s windy.

And yeah, I will let the long-hair-Chelsea back again. And the main reason is that I JUST REALLY TRIED HAVING SHORT HAIR AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHY.

So, which is which? Hahaha. Long or short?


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