The Cross Before Me, The World Behind Me

How many times you felt insecure after seeing beautiful girls passed by?

How many times you asked yourself I am enough?

How many times did you cry because of emptiness?

How many times you wished that you were the girl on that magazine?

How many times you begged for someone just to be with you?

How many times you were taken for granted?

How many times did you burst out after knowing lies?

How many times you placed yourself in danger just to prove them wrong?

How many times you whined? 

How many times you felt hopeless?

How many times you felt unlovable?

How many times you felt unimportant?

How many times you told yourself that you are not worthy and deserving?

How many times you questioned God?

How many times you need to kill yourself emotionally before you stop thinking negativity? Do you ever think of people you hurt because you are hurting too? Do you know who can help you to put yourself back? Do you know who is hurt the most because you always feel wrong? Do you know that you are loved by an amazing God? Do you know that He looks at you as His best masterpiece? Do you know that the world itself is a battlefield?

You feel empty and insecure of yourself because you are living in this world. Live in Christ and put the world behind you. Don’t ever get killed because of the world. Don’t let yourself suffer because of the peer pressure in this world. We are not living in this world, we live for Him. You always feel opposite because you letting the world take you. You always break down because everything in this world matters to you.Why don’t you surrender everything to Him? Why don’t you trust what He is doing? Why don’t you trust His timing? Why do you always question His plans for you? Why do you always think that everyone’s judgment in this world matters? YOU ARE LIVING IN HIS PURPOSE. YOU ARE MADE NOT TO DEGRADE YOURSELF. YOU ARE HERE BECAUSE OF THE GREAT MISSION- AND THAT MISSION IS NOT ABOUT PROVING OTHERS THAT THEY ARE WRONG AT JUDGING YOU, THAT YOU CAN’T BRAG ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED, AND YOUR MISSION IS DEFINITELY NOT ABOUT SHOWING WHAT YOU CAN DO ON YOUR OWN. WE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITHOUT HIM.

Why don’t you say I AM ONE OF GOD’S CREATION if someone tells you that you are ugly and just a nobody? Why don’t stand up and just continue your own fight together with God if someone pushed you down? Why don’t say I HAVE A BIG GOD AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM if you have a big problem? Why don’t thank Him in all difficulties because it’s His way on making you more stronger? Why don’t brag about Him instead of bragging your own self? Why don’t trust Him in everything? And why don’t surrender your life on His hands?

If you feel down today, hey sunshine, cheer up, God is on top just look at Him up there.

If you feel unlovable, hey sweetie, remember that love means sacrificing- Jesus sacrificed and carried the cross for you.

If you feel insecure, hey beautiful, always remember that you are created by God.

If you feel hopeless, hey cutie, pray and trust.

If you feel like giving up, hey fighter, raising the white flag is not acceptable. You are not alone in this battle.

If you feel lost, hey traveler, grab the compass and return to God.

If you doubt yourself, hey warrior, growl and attack because you can do it.

If you feel empty, hey God’s child, GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU, HE IS THE ONLY ONE CAN FULFILL YOU.

Christ is enough. Christ should be enough. When you already found Him-never ever ever turn your back at Him. There is no enough reason to turn your back at Him- walk with Him. It may not be easy but it’s absolutely worth it. Make Him as the center of your life and you don’t need to worry about what will happen, you don’t need to get frighten of what problem may come and you don’t need to feel anxious of your dreams in life.

Just surrender everything to Him. Trust Him. Don’t doubt Him. Walk with Him, and live your life with Him.

-Chelsea Mendoza💋💕


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