Prove Them Wrong


In our lives we always have those people who pulling us down, people who don’t believe in our capabilities, people who question us in all ways and people who think that whatever they think or do to us is still bearable. Those are the people we should prove that they are wrong.

1. ¬†Not all the time we will just remain in our track. The world is turning and sometimes we can be on the top. Those people who’s trying to bring you down are the proofs that you are ABOVE them. That is sometimes our friends- those friends who aren’t true because if they are true, your success is their success too. We always have those kind of friends- good when you’re around and won’t stop backstabbing you when you’re away. The best way to beat those¬†jealous friends¬†is to keep reaching your goals and prove to them that whatever may happen you will remain on top. Don’t let those¬†jealous people¬†drag you on their level too. We can be the best-est version of ourselves and we all have the fire- and we won’t forget that the fire in us should be keep burning.

We should not allow those people to drag us down. Yes, we maybe have our down times but it should be not because of them.

2. We are all humans and we make mistakes and also we fail but our failure is not a reason to question our capabilities. Failure should be a lesson for us and we need to put in our minds that failure will never ever ever be a hindrance for our success. It is normal for us to fail, but BEING FAILURE ALL THE TIME AND NOT LEARNING AT ALL is not normal.

For students, sometimes, we can hear/see that our parents/relatives expecting too much from us. Yes, it is a pressure because we don’t want to disappoint them. We want to prove to them that YES WE CAN DO THAT, but not all the time, NOT ALL THE TIME we can really make it. Not all the time we are capable of doing the tasks, not all the time we are on our mood to do the ¬†works, not all the time we always feel energized, like what I’ve said, we’re human, we get tired.

It is so normal for us to think that we can’t do that and we are not capable. There is no harm on trying, there is no harm on learning. Let’s not be affected by what others think we can’t do, WE CAN. END OF STORY.

3. We encounter those kind of people who doubt us and those kind of people who ask us if we are really sure about this and that. Sometimes it can hurt an ego, right? But since we want to prove them wrong, NO WORDS TO SAY, JUST ACTIONS TO PROVE.

4. We always have those friends or special someone who take us for granted all the time. They think it’s still okay with us, they think we can still understand them and they think we can just brush it all away. But no, we are human, we have feelings. Not all the time we would allow those people to take us for granted. There are people who will come to you if they have problems or needs BUT ¬†when you need them, it’s like they want to go to another world just to hide from you.¬†Like seriously?

RESPECT¬†is really important. Let us not allow others to disrespect us. This is the thing we can’t buy if you lost it. There are people who disrespect us because they feel comfortable with us all the time but let us make them know their limitations.

But whatever may happen, let us still go with our life and continue our journey with God. After all, the most important judgment is not the judgment of the world, it is still the judgment of our Father- God.



-Chelsea Mendoza.


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