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My Favorite Korean Dramas

I am not really fond of Kdrama before but I am am big fan of Lee Min Ho. I only watch his dramas alone and he is the only Korean actor I know! His recent drama- Legend Of The Blue Sea got my heart and starting that I got addicted on Kdrama.

Here are my most favorite Kdrama so far. (Add the Boys Over Flower, My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and Dream High that I already watched before)

Legend Of The Blue Sea



My feeling for this drama is really unexplainable! Rom-Com is really the best! No more explanation why I fell in love with this drama- Lee Min Ho is already the answer, the plot and everything! So much love for this!

The Heirs


This drama already aired in the Philippines(I forgot the date). I never watched this because they dabbed it in Filipino. I really want to watch drama when it is their own voices. So while waiting for the Legend Of The Blue Sea before to finish, I am watching this again too.

I really love the role of Lee Min Ho here. The type of man who will fight for you and willing to give up everything for you. Haaaaaa ❤

Descendants Of The Sun


Most of my friends suggested this drama. This was released earlier than Legend of The Blue Sea- and like what I’ve said, I started loving Kdrama when I watched Legend Of The Blue Sea. I finished this drama for only 2 days! #BigBoss

This is drama really made me feel everything! I cried because of sadness and romantic excitement. I really love the plot and how matured they are when it comes to their career. Song Joong Ki really captured my heart. I will be part of the group who will ask part 2 for this!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo



I love how immature they are. I love how they make me feel the romantic excitement effortlessly. I love how the director made Nam Joo Hyuk as a swimmer- so hot! ❤

If someone would ask me to watch this drama again, oh boy, I will never get tired watching this! This drama is inked in my heart forever!


Love In The Moonlight


I came to this drama because one of the network channel in the Philippines will air this drama and dab it into Tagalog. I love the trailer they shown so I tried watching it and mennnnnnnn PARK BO GUM, you are so lit! Hottest Crown Prince I’ve ever seen. And one of the reason why I watched this because I saw on my Facebook the video of Park Bo Gum dancing bombastic. AHHHHH *CRIES*

This is not only romance. This drama taught me about friendship and how to deal with those people who are betraying you. I love how clever Park Bo Gum here.

Korean drama is really unique and really have a great plot. I love the twists and this is now my stress-reliever! I can stay very late watching these dramas and for more dramas(Any suggestions of kdrama to watch? Just comment down below!).

I will still watch for more korean dramas and post again about it so that I can share with you what are the best korean dramas. And I know that there will be more korean dramas will be released but I can guarantee that these five dramas I posted and shared will always be in my heart and very the best.

I already watched some Korean dramas but I didn’t include here because I don’t like those. I found some boring and got lazy watching it.

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