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Plans for Youtube?

Do I have plans for entering Youtube?


Year 2016 when I started watching vlogs. I always stay late to finish watching all their vlogs, discovering new vloggers and waiting for their new upload. They are really inspiring.

I already have my channel and it’s CHELSEA MENDOZA, I uploaded one video there as a sample when I went to Jomax Peak. (I also posted it on my blog: JOMAX PEAK)

I am still practicing and playing on my video editor so that I will know how to edit this and that.

Lookbook and some adventures are what topics I am planning to post. I am still trying to post a daily/lifestyle vlog but I am too shy to utter words.

Saturday when I went to have a shoot for my Lookbook with my friend. I tried vlogging- and it is not that easy. I thought when vlogging it is easy because you talk and talk, telling what you are doing and such, but oh boy, I sometimes buffer! And especially when you are in a public place with crowd- I just can’t even say a single word in front of the camera. But I know, the day will come that this shyness will be vanished for the love of my Youtube channel HAHAHA.

And I don’t have enough topics to be posted on my channel and can I ask any suggestions from you guys? Just comment down below! And if anyone there who has his/her youtube channel, let’s do sub to sub! 🙂

I hope you guys subscribe and watch for my videos!





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