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Summer Class

Since I want my Summer 2017 to be productive, I decided to go on a Summer Class and advance three subjects.

I really want to practice being independent and achieve other subjects without my friends(I already passed one subject without my friends(but I gained more friends again because of being irregular) and passed more subjects not with my block section but I have few friends in the class already).

I want to spend my summer on a beach, chill, feel the breeze, be more tanner, walk on a white sand, and enjoy the island life but it will turned out waking up early, go to school, make assignments, study on quizzes and exams and getting stress again. But oh well, student duties.

My class already started(April ten) and it will end on May nineteen. And yes, I can still have my summer on the twentieth or whatever date  is that! Whipeedo!

So I decided to start my class eight o’clock in the morning until three thirty on the afternoon(Contains three subjects already). Each subjects have two hours class and yes I need to listen and stay awake for my four hours straight class and another two hours after lunch. I am taking now English 6 or the Business Communication, Life and Works of Rizal and Sociology.

Everyday, we wear civilian day because it is a Summer Class and to update you I can post OOTD more than before(still working for it) and I also post this because I want you my readers to know the reason why I can’t post consistently even though it is my summer vacation.




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